Mill Towns Trail Friends Oct. meeting

Cub scouts at the dedication of the MTT Cannon River Crossing Steve Hennessy, DNR, reported that the Metro Federal Enhancement grant for the other half of the Byllesby park connection bridge is almost certain to be awarded in November. This would mean construction in 2013. Dakota County is applying for $1,000,000 in state bonding to complete the trail connections in Byllesby Park on the north side of the Cannon River.

With the assistance of the Parks & Trails Council, property negotiations with owners on the south side of the Cannon west of Cannon Falls, are moving along. Kent Skaar, DNR, confirms that Mr. Goudy is willing to sell the river front piece. Steve says that engineering for trail from Cannon Falls, across the Wienrl property, under Highway #52 will be done this winter. Funding for these purchases and trail development was certified last bonding session, 2008.

The Friends group will submit support letters to Dakota County for their bonding request, to the Joint Powers Board for the $550,000 for acquisition between Dundas and Faribault, and to Northfield for the Legacy application for trail along the east side of the Cannon River, Northfield to Dundas. Meg Otten and City personnel are writing that grant application, due Nov. 13. Steve Janusz shared the Fillmore County/Root River lodging tax progression. Amazing what a good trail network accomplishes in tourism.

We discussed the construction of the new bridge on Canada Avenue, underpass space for the trail and preservation of the old Iron Bridge for pedestrian use. We discussed trail alignment in/around Northfield.

Treasurer John Stull will be cashing CD’s to repay the City $121,086, the Friends share of the Total $1,025,449 bridge cost. About 1/3 Federal funding, 1/3 bonding, 1/3 city & Friends.

Just Foods sent a check for $424 from their re-used bag project. Thank you.


4 Responses to Mill Towns Trail Friends Oct. meeting

  1. Griff Wigley says:

    Who’s the author of this report?

  2. Griff, this is from Peggy Prowe’s MTT e-mail dispatch. I believe she is the original author. With her permission, I post those messages on her behalf here.

  3. Griff Wigley says:

    Thanks, Sean.

    Could you fix the template so that her name shows for an individual blog post? It does show for the category:

    and it shows for the top level view.

    • Griff,
      Unfortunately, since we’re using, we can’t edit it like that; we’re just stuck with what the template author thought was appropriate. If/when this spins off into a regular WP install, I’ll make sure to have author names clearly labelled.

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